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Mid South Aikido | Keishinkan Dojo

Founded May 10, 2010, the Mid South Aikido Academy is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the martial art of Aikido. Through the art of Aikido, students will learn the same self defense techniques used successfully by military and law enforcement around the globe. Because the effective application of Aikido is not dependent on size or strength, it is the ideal martial art for people of all ages and physical abilities.

Based on the combat-proven battlefield techniques of the famous Japanese warriors, the Samurai, Aikido provides its practitioners with an effective and non-aggressive self defense system, using ancient techniques and philosophies modified for modern applications. Incorporating both armed and unarmed techniques into a single unified art, Aikido can be used to resolve almost any violent situation.

On January 1st, 2011, Mid South Aikido joined the Aikido World Alliance, an Aikido organization led by Sensei Andrew Sato (6th degree black belt), a personal student of the famous Aikido and Zen master Shihan Fumio Toyoda. As a member of the Aikido World Alliance, Mid South Aikido is a fully accredited dojo (traditional training hall) offering its students the opportunity to achieve black belt standing and beyond, with all ranking certified by the Aikido World Headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan.


Class Schedule


6pm - 7pm   Kid's Aikido
7pm - 8pm   Aikido Fundamentals
8pm - 9pm   Aikido Weapons

6pm - 7pm   Kid's Aikido
7pm - 8pm   Aikido Fundamentals
8pm - 9pm   Aikido Practical Applications

6pm - 7pm   Kid's Aikido
7pm - 8pm   Adult Self-Defense

2pm - 3pm   Aikido Fundamentals
3pm - 4pm   Advanced Aikido (Yudansha Class, 5th Kyu & Above)

Classes are held in the gym of Central Christian Church at 531 S. McLean Blvd.

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